Mickey McClain

It all began back in the year 1990 working for my Family Business. My Mom started one of the largest Foliage and Floral companies in the US. She rented some space in the backlot of Universal Studios and before you know it, big things started coming our way. One of the major clients we had was the Film Industry. My Dad became the key Greensman in Central Florida and I naturally became his assistant. I loved working on sets. Every job was more fascinating than the last. I could make anything with plants (still can too). "You need a 100' long manicured hedge installed in a few hours, no problem!" , "You need us to landscape an entire front of a house in an hour, no problem!" , and the "Of course we can make the dead grass on the football field bright green by the end of the day!". You name it and we would figure it out. Great memories and great learning experiences...


Fast forward to 2019 and I still have that same exciting curiosity and hunger for success on each and every one of my projects. I feel blessed for what I get to do for a living and am always passionate about TURNING YOUR VISION INTO REALITY, or at least what looks like reality on Tv... after all it's mostly just "smoke and mirrors", right?! Haha, hope to talk soon! You can contact me at the link above. Take care and thanks for your interest in my portfolio.